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Learn Python

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The following list is the links to the classrooms of the Learn Python


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Learn Python from Basics to High Level

The following information provides study guideline to help people study Python by themselves.  Sedisbus Education provides limited number of online classes to learn together the topics. For more information about it please contact Sedibus Education.

Level 1

Installing python and pycharm

Learn about variables, Data types, Operations, Conditionals, Functions




The Biggest Problems We're Facing Today & The Future of Engineering: Crash Course Engineering #46


Installing python and pycharm


Pycharm tutorial ( for beginner, watch until right before debug part )

Getting Started with Google CoLab | How to use Google Colab

Basic File operations in Google Colaboratory



Data Types

Python List, String, Set, Dictionary code examples



Python Operators code examples



If-Else code examples

For loop code examples

While loop code examples


Python Function code examples



I enjoyed the class a lot despite having to quickly adjust with the language and format of coding. I liked that meeting times were flexible but set and that there was time to figure things out while in class instead of having to relearn after class. I also liked how the environment was open to questions so it made it less intimidating to ask questions if I didn't know something. I loved the class and want to learn more even after the class ended!   - Min

Level 2

Learn about Inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism

Learn about python’s classes and objects

Level 3-4

Concurrent and Parallel Programming



Difference between Multiprocessing and Multithreading

Python Tutorial for Beginners | MultiThreading

Python Multithreading

Synchronizing and Locking Threads

Mutual Exclusion / Race Condition / Locks


Python’s Parallel Programming / Concurrent programming



Level 5 - 6

Socket programming

Level  7 - 8

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python


Data Structures and Algorithms in Python | Python Programming Tutorial

Data Structures In Python | List, Dictionary, Tuple, Set In Python

Python: Data Structures - Lists, Tuples, Sets & Dictionaries tutorial

Python Algorithms for Interviews

Data Structures & Algorithms in Python


Level  9  -10

Database in Python

Level  11 - 12

Unix System and Commend



Python Tutorials - LEGB Rule | Local And Global Scope | global and non local Keyword

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