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Sedibus Education Online School Membership

The goal of Sedibus Education Online School is to help young people to take ownership of their education and become capable self-directed learner. The mentors and class coaches help students find right resources through internet and cultivate their growth mindset.


This is how the school is run.

  1. Scrum Meeting everyday – Students meet through online,  talk about what they are going to do for the day. Students share about their projects or studies with other students and fercilitators and they give the students feedbacks.

  2. Master Classes – These are run by coaches and students. All of the members can participate in the classes as their interests.

  3. Meeting with Monters, once a week – Students have a meeting with the mentors regularly and get advice about their learning and future plans.

  4. Resonable monthly membership fee

For registration, please contact Sedibus Education.  

More about Sedibus Education Online School

Sedibus Self Directed Online School - online coaching and learning community

  • Sedibus Coaches coach students to become a self directed learner.
  • Students choose their own projects or take master classes based on their interests.
  • Focusing on learning 
  • Focusing on motivation
  • Students explore, find their passions, and develop their passions
  • Students may attend or lead master classes
  • Students learn that focusing is important when they learn

Students choose their own projects

  • Whether robotics, art, AI projects, research about history, Model UN, Raspberry Pi projects, or research about math topics, coaches help students pursue their end goals.
  • Coaches guide students to find online courses, books, mentors, and internet resources to do that.

Master Classes

Students get benefitted when they learn about topics deeply. Master classes give  students opportunities  through which they could learn deeply about various topics like Mindset Math, Algebra, Calculus, Python, Painting, Drawing, Machine learning, Critical thinking puzzles, art, design, books, careers, etc. 
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Scrum meeting

We have online scrum meeting everyday. Students talk about their progress and get reviews from other students and facilitator. This is how students learn importance of completing agendas and sometimes modifying plans.
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