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Sedibus Education is a social enterprise. The goal of Sedibus Education is to improve the quality of education to make the world better. All of the materials are here open to anybody to use for good purposes and are allowed to be copied for that.

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Resources 2D animation study 

1. How I Became An Animator v mlAyvhc6m9o 

2. 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) (theories) v uDqjIdI4bF4 

3. (website for sharing animation ideas and experiences) 

4. How to Make 2d Animations for Free  ( OpenToonz, free 2d animation software) v wIUbyjkL DA 

5. Skillshare (website for 2d animation classes) animation for FREE on iPad FlipaClip Beginner Course/ 

389544258 via browse rating 2d animation layout grid 

6. Intro to FlipaClip

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Creating games

1. How to make a 2D Game in Unity


2. Game Design Process: Designing Your Video Game

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Lego League EV3

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