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Master Classes

LEGO Robotics

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The following list is the links to the classrooms of the LEGO Robotics Group Online Classes


free eng web

Learn LEGO Robotics

The following information provides study guideline to help people learn LEGO Robotics by themselves.  Sedisbus Education provides limited number of online classes to learn together the topics. For more information about it please contact Sedibus Education.

Download link for EV3 Classroom App

Download link for Spike Prime App

Carnegie Melon University Robotics Academy


Spike Prime Lessons   

Get into gears


EV3 Gear Overview


Gear Trains part 1


Gear Trains (Part 2)


Gear Trains (Part 3)


FLL 2015 Trash Trek - EV3 Motion Transformation (Gears)

2018 FLL Into Orbit Practice Run


FIRST LEGO League Challenge RePLAY - Season Launch Video

WRL and FLL : Mission Sequence and Robot Path Strategy

LEGO EV3 Bluetooth Controller App

Teaching Robotics in Elementary School | Gabi Feygin | Minnewashta Elementary School

What i learned from building robots with boys | Hannah Herbst | TEDxDornbirn

Machine Learning with Lego Mindstorms EV3 ( building instruction )  (codes that I need ) (machine learning)

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