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Sedibus Projects Program

Sedibus Education is a social enterprise. The goal of Sedibus Education is to improve the quality of education to make the world better. All of the materials which are here open to anybody to use them for good purposes and are allowed to be copied for that.

  • Sedibus Projects Program is a online program.

  • Whether it is Raspberry Pi project, Smart Mirror, Video game with Google AI voice kit interface, Chat app, 2D animation, Retro pi, or taking Computer Science Course from Harvard Edx, students will choose their own projects and do the projects with Sedibus coach's help.

  • Students will explore and find their passions. They will master the subjects and move on. 

  • Students will feel free to fail, learn from it, get confident, and grow. 

  • The coach will help students to become self directed learner using projects.

      Please contact Sedibus Education for more information.      

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