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Sedibus Math & Tech Program

Fun math,

Open math,

Creative math, 

Critical thinking math, 

Challenging math

These are the words describing Sedibus Math program. 

  • We believe that anybody can learn math up to the very high level. 

  • We help students cultivate  growth mindset.

  • We use math materials developed by the leading institutions, like Mindset math materials by Stanford Professor Jo Boaler and Beast math materials by Art of problem solving. 

  • We focus on helping students develop motivation and self directed learning. 

Sedibus Math & Tech is the integrated math and tech program. Students will learn high quality math with fun activities during the first part of the class. Later of the class students will do various projects like Lego robotics, Raspberry Pi projects, other hard ware projects which they have chosen depending on their interests. Through this program students will learn not only high quality math but also coding and get familiar with technology.


If you have questions, please send email

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