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Can anybody do well in math?

Yes. How? Because we have the internet.

Math is sequel. That means if you don’t understand the base concept, it is hard for you to do well in advanced problems. If you got off the track of math education somewhere in your life, it was hard to get back on the track.

Not any more.

First solve the review problems and find out which problems you can’t solve.

For example, google “algebra 2 review problems”, print them and try on them.

Let’s say you were not able to solve logarithm problems. Now you google “logarithm”.

You will find results related logarithm such as videos, articles, worksheets, etc.

First look at the ones which explain definitions and concepts. If you don’t understand the materials, look at more materials. I know one person watched a Khan Academy video sixty times. Yes, you should be determined.

And then look for the materials which explain properties. After understanding properties, try practice problems.

Believe in you. Human brains are like plastic. If you keep working on them, you will get it.

Sometimes it takes long to get it so you might be behind your peers. But it is ok. Life is a marathon. You will catch up your peers later. Just focus on learning everyday.

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