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You have more control of your future when you have growth mindset.

Fixed mindset is the mindset you see your intelligence is fixed. In the contrary growth mindset is the mindset you see your intelligence can be improved with your effort. Through research, researchers found out people with growth mindset had overcome adversity and succeeded better. So it is more beneficial having growth mindset than fixed mindset.

Let’s say, you had a math test and it turned out your score was 50 out of 100. What would you do?

You think, ‘I am not a math person. Anyway I don’t need to be good at math. I was not thinking I will be a scientist or an engineer’’.’ You would follow your passion; let’s say you have a passion for language. After you become a grownup, you see yourself having a hard time to find a job. Then you might think ‘did I do my best? Did I give up too early?’ That could be the result you get when you have fixed mindset.

Let’s go back to the time you get the score of 50. You go to the teacher and ask for help. You go to a book store to look for math workbooks and practice with them. You go to your friend who is good at math and ask how he or she studies. As you put more efforts, you become understand the math topics more and you enjoy studying math more. Your math score is increasing. As you get old, you see more choices for your future career. You are not afraid of going to the field of science or engineer because now you know you will be able to overcome when you are challenged. This could be what would happen when you have growth mindset.

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