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Don't parents have to protect their children from failure?

Parents don't want their children to have experiences of failing. So some parents tried to do whatever they could do to keep their children from failing. With the intention, the common mistake which parents make is to give directions to their children instead of letting them choose what they would do. Parents worry that their children might get depressed after they experience being defeated.

However scientist found out that the most affecting factor which stress children was the loss of sense of control not the experience of being failing. They found out that children got stressed most when they had to give up what they chose because the parents wanted them to do different things.

Not only do children get stressed from loss of sense of control, but they focus on resisting and spend their energies on the negative feeling. I have been observing from my children and other children that children wouldn't grow nor learn if they felt they were stopped by parents.

No parents would want to see their children suffer or fail. But best strategies for parents is to provide information to children so that they make a good decision. Even if the children decide to do unwise things after being informed, parents have to wait until the children see the consequence of their choice. And then parents have to help their children see it as a learning opportunity not an end of the world.

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