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Master Classes

Skills for Future World

 Online - coaching and community for  

 young people  to  become   self directed         

 learners and   cultivate  growth   mindset        

 We are helping young people to develop       

 skills  needed for future world.                       

 Sedibus  Self Directed Online School 

Future Proof Education                                

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who we are2

Who we are

Peter Merry said, "Future world is a hypercomplex world. The problems we are facing, and we will face are so complex"   The world is changing so quickly that our old education system can't prepare our children for the future.  We need a new education system to help our young people to get new skills like collaboration, communication, creativity, flexibility, systems thinking, critical thinking, technology-savvy, and globally-oriented. Sedibus Self Directed Online School is born from the understanding of the need of new education system and share the inspiration with the people who try the same thing, in the world.  
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